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  • My love of photography began during my formulative three years of walking around the gorgeous Devon countryside as part of my degree.
  • I went to university in Exeter. One of my tutors rated me. Thank you Simon for all of your support. The other one didn’t really. Thank you Jem, you inspired me more than I realised at the time and increased my drive to improve my skills.
  • I discovered the Fuji 6x9 medium format during the course. I was the only person to ever use it as everyone else thought it was a bit weird. I am glad because it meant that I could photograph with it all the time.
  • I bought my own one from a second hand camera store in London. It is the only camera that I use. I have to use a manual hand held meter to work out the correct exposures.
  • The camera has a wide angled lens, which I love as it allows the spaces in which I am shooting to be opened up and expanded.
  • I only use transparency film as this gives me depth of colour while maintain a natural feel and intensity, There is a no margin for area in exposing transparency film, which requires technical expertise.
  • My way of seeing is through a landscape format, with strong composition within the frame.
  • Landscape format is suited to the subject matter. A definite style has evolved by using the same camera, similar film stock and subject matter for 10 years. (The Chambers shot, as it is known to my friends).
  • I never use portrait format. My images don’t look like my images that way.
  • I won the Fuji Student Awards during my degree.
  • I love to walk around new places and travelling. My best work comes when I get off the beaten track and find the real place and record what I find.
  • I never shoot into the sun. It breaks the rules. Well, my rules anyway.
  • My wife inspires me to take the best images possible. She is my biggest fan. She has a big photographic talent and sees in a different way to me. This creates interest as when we travel together, we end up with two contrasting sets of images from the same environments. Thank you Karen.
  • Landscape photography fascinates me, as everywhere you go is a unique place. My aim is to try and capture the atmosphere of that place and record the details (too many details, some say).
  • In the future, I plan to travel and see as much of the world as is possible. The aim is to continually build upon my catalogue of work and update the website at regular intervals.
  • My camera bag and tripod weigh a ton by the end of the day and makes my shoulder hurt. Especially when it is pouring with rain.
  • I don’t use any filters. What you see is what you get,
  • My Fuji 6x9 always gets stopped at airports. It always gets put through the x-ray at least twice or unpacked by security. They normally comment that it is a big or a nice camera. Thanks for that.
  • Long live the rule of thirds. It really works. Thank you Ansel Adams.
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